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Save Time In The Kitchen

This is the start of a great list of time saving tips you can use in your kitchen. If you have a tip to share, please add to the list there in the comment section. Here are just a few to get started:

Time saving cooking tips
  • Using a slow cooker (Crock Pot) is a great way to save time in the kitchen. Set it to cook while you're at work and you'll come home to a great smelling house and a tasty meal. If you have the room in your refrigerator, you can get the meal together while you're fixing dinner the night before, put it in the cooker or pot and then pop it in the refrigerator over night. All you have to do in the morning is put the pot in the cooker and switch it on.
  • Put together lunches and snacks at a time when the kitchen is already a mess. A really good time to make lunches and snacks for the next day is while you are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. The kitchen is already a mess and if you get tomorrow's lunches out of the way, you'll save yourself time the next day you would have spent cleaning up after making lunches. (Often I use leftovers in lunches so this saves putting away the leftovers.)
  • Cooking several meals at once and in advance can save money on electricity, water, and clean up time. Also, double the quantity and freeze meals in advance. It's not much more difficult to make two dishes of lasagna than to make one. This will give you meals in the freezer for those nights when time will be at a premium.
  • And while we're talking about making double quantities you really should start a cooking group among friends and neighbors. Once a week or once a month (or whatever time frame you decide on) each of you would make a double meal (each on a different evening) and keep one for your family and give the other to your cooking mate. That gives each of you a night out of the kitchen.
  • The first thing you do, before you begin cooking, is empty the dishwasher and run a sink of soapy water. Then wash up and put dishes in the dishwasher as you go. Then when dinners over, the only clean up is the dishes you eat on.
  • Spend an hour or so in the kitchen on a Saturday (or what ever day you choose) and get ingredients ready. Put a dozen eggs on to boil, (great for tuna or chicken salads, or a quick breakfast or snack or to top salads). While the eggs are boiling, I spread out newspaper, get my peeler and peel and chop veggies - carrots, celery, onions and green peppers. Once through, I pitch the newspaper and peels, and bag up each veggie and I'm ready for a week of cooking without having to stop and peel.

Then I cook some meat. Enough for several meals, and each Saturday I cook a different kind. This week I might brown ground round (you can pick up a couple of family size bargain packages), or maybe cook enough chicken or ham for several meals. Divide it into one meal portions and freeze. Don't forget to label and date the packages. Now you're ready to throw a quick meal together.

  • Any time you cook pasta, rice or potatoes, always cook enough for two or three meals. Then divide up the excess and put in freezer bags and freeze. You'll be happy you did when you save the time later.
  • Create a list of 10 meals your family enjoys that take ten minutes or less to prepare. Include meals with ingredients that are easy to store so that you are sure to have everything you need to make these meal quickies at a moments notice.
  • Where possible, buy things that are already chopped up. Those little jars of minced garlic last a long time and are soooo convenient. Buy Chopped Chilies and chopped olives rather than chopping them yourself. It can save a great deal of time!

How Do I Keep My Kitchen Clean?

Man, it's great to have an impressive kitchen. At our house the kitchen and breakfast area are where the whole family gathers.  But there are often questions about how to keep that kitchen looking great without all the elbow grease.  When you do lots of cooking, everything gets greasy and dirty. You don't want to spend all your free time cleaning the kitchen.  And heaven forbid if you start avoiding the kitchen simply because it represents tons of work - before and after the meals. You can almost become afraid to cook.

Are there ways to reduce time spent on this very difficult and time consuming chore?

The answer to a dirty kitchen is de-greaser. It's amazing. You may not even be cooking anything with grease in it and it seems the kitchen gets greasy. But staying ahead of the game is the answer. Each day when you clean the kitchen, spray surfaces with Lysol kitchen / surface cleaner before you wipe them down. Your kitchen will stay clean and grease free almost effortlessly.

Then once a month or so, clean the entire kitchen with a more heavy duty degreaser - wiping down surfaces you might not clean every day. Easy Off foam cleaner is a good one, or any of the degreasers you find at the hardware store (those are usually less expensive).

Around The Kitchen | » Cleaning | Every Gadget and Tool You Could Possibly Need In Your Kitchen