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How Do I Keep My Kitchen Clean?

Man, it's great to have an impressive kitchen. At our house the kitchen and breakfast area are where the whole family gathers.  But there are often questions about how to keep that kitchen looking great without all the elbow grease.  When you do lots of cooking, everything gets greasy and dirty. You don't want to spend all your free time cleaning the kitchen.  And heaven forbid if you start avoiding the kitchen simply because it represents tons of work - before and after the meals. You can almost become afraid to cook.

Are there ways to reduce time spent on this very difficult and time consuming chore?

The answer to a dirty kitchen is de-greaser. It's amazing. You may not even be cooking anything with grease in it and it seems the kitchen gets greasy. But staying ahead of the game is the answer. Each day when you clean the kitchen, spray surfaces with Lysol kitchen / surface cleaner before you wipe them down. Your kitchen will stay clean and grease free almost effortlessly.

Then once a month or so, clean the entire kitchen with a more heavy duty degreaser - wiping down surfaces you might not clean every day. Easy Off foam cleaner is a good one, or any of the degreasers you find at the hardware store (those are usually less expensive).

I’m interested in an automatic exhaust fan for my kitchen . . .

Recently, the above question was asked.  The cook was concerned because the kitchen would get smokey while he was cooking food and he had to continually turn the exhaust fan on and off manually.  What he wanted was a fully automatic circuit to control the exhaust fan.

Then, when the kitchen gets smokey (from burnt oil, burnt food, etc.) the exhaust fan would automatically come on for five (5) minutes then off after 5 minutes.   He wanted  the circuit diagram and a parts list so he could make the modifications himself.

And while this sounds like a good idea it does have at least one drawback he should consider. If the smoke is caused by an actual fire he would NOT want the exhaust fan to come on automatically.

This probably explains why there is no device currently made to do what he wants. Though I suspect he could modify a smoke detector that would activate a relay rather than the alarm, this would require determining the voltage and current available from the alarm buzzer circuit. He would need to find a relay that would work using the available power. It would probably also require some de-soldering and soldering to connect the smoke alarm to the relay.

He might be able to find a time delay relay that would work off the available power from the alarm circuit. If not he would need a separate time delay relay to provide the 5 minute on/off time.

Please keep in mind, most smoke alarms have a small amount of radio active material. So anyone wanting to try this needs to use caution cutting one open.

There are smoke detectors typically used for industrial installations that have a built in relay for remote signaling. This may be an easier route since there won’t be a need to do any modifications to the smoke detector itself, but you would still need a timer.

However, with all this said, there is still the fire issue.The wisest course would be to continue to turn the exhaust fan on manually.

Around The Kitchen | » Maintenance & Repairs | Every Gadget and Tool You Could Possibly Need In Your Kitchen