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What color should I paint my kitchen?

One reader wrote, 'I want to update my kitchen. My cabinets are an off white color with antique brass antique handles. I have beige tile and white appliances. I really don't care for the mix of white and beige but I'm planning to put up an Earth/Clay stone back splash with a mosaic border which should tie the two together.

At present I'm thinking of painting the cabinets (cant afford to replace them right now) and want to paint my kitchen a dark brown/cafe color. Any suggestions. My Living area is burnt orange and the dining room is white. I want to paint the dining room too. The dining room is situated between the kitchen and living room; so, I need the colors to flow smoothly between the three rooms. The floor in the living and dining rooms is light color wood. '

Well there are so many ways you could go here. First and foremost a semi-gloss paint - whatever the color would be best. Grays and taupe would go well with the back splash and tie the room together. But those two colors don't necessarily reflect your choice taste. Remember the people from ‘House Beautiful’, ‘Better Homes” and whatever don’t have to live in your house. Go with what you like.

A nice coffee color in the kitchen would go well with the burnt orange and white. But the size of the room and the amount of natural light will be huge considerations when making your choice. Warm colors will tend to make a room look smaller and more cosy and cool colors will make the room look larger but less friendly. Light colors are more cheery while dark colors are more sedate and sometimes even depressing. Are there lots of windows? You may want to bring the outdoors indoors and use earth tones which would also tie in with the living room.

Go to your local home improvement or paint store and get paint swatches that are the same colors as the rooms that you are already happy with. Hold them together and compare them to other swatches that you like. This will give you an idea of how these colors will look near each other. The dark brown sounds nice, but try it out next to the others first. Another option is to buy several poster boards (they’re cheap) and paint them the colors that you are considering. Hang them in your kitchen one at a time for a few days and see how the colors look in the actual area that you are wanting to paint.

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Around The Kitchen | » What color should I paint my kitchen? | Every Gadget and Tool You Could Possibly Need In Your Kitchen